Hi, Krizko here! Twenty two. But looks 12. Pinay. Living on Maui, 100% creep. I like orange markers.
Any content I post on this Tumblr is my way of expressing myself through the net. Everything I post is a part of me. I want to meet all artists. The creative minded, the dancers and writers. I want to meet and mingle anyone with a beautiful mind. Come out come out, where ever you are~

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    Strange visitor, What planet are you from? Hmm...

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    you guys think living  in hawaii is awesome.. i mean it is, its beautiful, the beaches, the sun..

    but I live on Maui, and we have:
    no chipotle,
    no legit boba drinks,
    everywhere closes at 9-10 pm
    no food delivery except pizza that closes early too!
    gas is expensive
    mosquitoes everywhere just tropical  BUGS everywhere

    our shopping malls don’t have half as much selection as in the states

    like we’re having our first Target being built here and you have no idea how excited I am for that which is pretty sad

    I mean Iove where I live I really do! I’m not complaining, it is so freaking beautiful here and it’s a wonderful place to relax and hike and do outdoor stuff.. but  I flew out and had my first dim sum and legit boba drink, and im so sad i wont be able to taste it ever again or at least until we have it here or I travel elsewhere for it ;__; 

    Anonymous Asked:
    you look like a monkey

    My answer:

    im still better than u

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    ~When you have no where to go but you get ready anyway~ new blog post soon! link in bio★ (

    ~When you have no where to go but you get ready anyway~ new blog post soon! link in bio★ (

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Going to see Kyary :3


    Going to see Kyary :3

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    This is exactly why we have this technology

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