Hi, Krizko here! Twenty two. But looks 12. Pinay. Living on Maui, 100% creep. I like orange markers.
Any content I post on this Tumblr is my way of expressing myself through the net. Everything I post is a part of me. I want to meet all artists. The creative minded, the dancers and writers. I want to meet and mingle anyone with a beautiful mind. Come out come out, where ever you are~

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    Strange visitor, What planet are you from? Hmm...

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    when will I ever grow out of this babyface 

    when will I ever grow out of this babyface 

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    big jackets, cup ramen noodles, pigtails make up my recent nights lately~

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    Levi’s screenshots | a choice with no regret’s Ova trailer

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    this is my new favorite picture of myself

    this is my new favorite picture of myself

    I took a lot of black and white pics the other night<3

    I took a lot of black and white pics the other night<3

    add me on snap chat to see me shoving this donut in my mouth and making a mess!!! I am &#160;: sugarpet

    add me on snap chat to see me shoving this donut in my mouth and making a mess!!! I am  : sugarpet

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    Anonymous Asked:
    stop being a mopey ass bitch complaining ur lonely? ya fucken right u are just an attention seeking whore shut up

    My answer:

    lol i can be a sad gurl if i want to its none of ur bizznazz!!

    but srsly tho i am not going to pretend to be happy right now, if I am sad, i am going to embrace it and be cute about it!! I learned that you need to have a balance of trying to be happy, but still recognize the natural sad feelings you get- ignoring it will numb you. It will creep on you when you least expect it, and you will feel even more horrible. Be honest with yourself and realize that it’s okay not be okay„, but still be hopeful anyway.
     In time the happy feelings will out weigh your sad feels ,and everything will turn out for the better.  There are alot of sad gurls here, i am not alone, the best way to get over it is to embrace ur inner sad gurl but still be positive and cute about it !!!
    I’m gonna post pix of myself holding pillows and eating icecream looking cute as hell and no one can stop me, and yes its true we need attention but there is nothing wrong about feeling lonely and seeking innocent comfort from others ??? tbh its not hurting anyone and its all fun okay
    dont take it seriously hehe its not like i am going out in public physically humping everyone, (not judging u if u do)  toying with hearts, hurting myself  or doing crazy drugs, i just want some internet love that’s all i need <333 i luv u all and i am appreciating all the positive messages im getting muah muah kisses for u all~~~ including u~

    hi!!!! I have been pretty MIA because I’ve been a sad mopey gurl lately, and have not been active on any of my sites, but I am feeling a lot better thanks to hanging out with friends literally 24/7 (i love u all♥) I am feeling much better so hi hello wats up!! I will be replying to a buttload emails and messages for the next few hours, so if I have been ignoring you then I will reply soon!! its ur gurl krizko aka sugarpet holla here are some pics of my holding myself because im a ronery gurl livin in a ronery world ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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